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February 15, 2019

Dear Friends,

So we begin!  The most challenging part of any new endeavor is beginning.  We finally decide to work on our health, and then the world of where to begin seems overwhelming.  I'm here to make it easy for you.  Just begin where you are.  The first place we are starting at is with your environment, your home.  Remember, your health is determined by several factors, but we will begin by focusing on what you put in, on, or around your body, specifically in your home.  I am the cancer detective, and I will be touring you around your home each month and teaching you ways to maximize your home health, and minimize any toxicity. 

The first things we will cover this month are what I call the Dick and Jane's of home health, some basics we all need to have or do in our home for our health.  The water we drink and use, and the air we breathe, are our first focus.  If you do not have a filter, you are the filter, plain and simple.  It does not matter if you like the taste of your water, or if you think it's fine, get a water filtration system or a water purifier.  Start simple if money is a challenge, and move up from there.  I have covered volumes of water literature, and I finally decided on the recommendation of the Gerson Institute, to buy a distiller.  A distiller is $300 and up, depending on how much water you and/or your family consumes a day.  Remember that for health you need to be drinking a minimum of 8 cups of plain water daily for the average person.  If you drink coffee or tea, add 1 cup more per cup of coffee or tea. 

I bought a countertop model.  It produced 1 gal after 3-5 hours of distilling time.  It used about 100 watts of energy, had a number of items to replace, clean, and do each month, was pretty noisy, and only gave us 1 gal, so it was on continuously for two people.  We used it in cooking, as well as drinking.  We used the distiller for about a year, and although the water was awesome to drink, it required more time and energy then we thought was practical for us.  We decided to buy a Berkey instead. Unlike the distiller, this countertop model, that you just pour water into, instantaneously purifies water immediately, without electricity, and was worth it's weight in gold.  This method was also recommended by Chris Wark, of "Chris Cured Cancer".  Budget it in, sell something you no longer use, or put it on your gift list, but do this.

And next for this month... your air.  This is also an item that I, and many others have researched.  After researching, like water purification, based on what you, and/or your family needs, some will make more sense then others.  I paid about $150 at Costco for my air purifier, and it does the job.  I run it 24 hours a day.  It is super quiet, and has several filters...hepa filters, that can be cleaned.  I check and clean it regularly, and change the filter each year.

Make life easy for yourself, and pick a time of year, or a particular month when you change things out, like batteries in the smoke alarms, house filters, etc. and just do them all.  I clean, or replace, as required, my home heating filter twice a year.  If you have allergies  or asthma this will help immensely. 

And finally, buy a humidity gauge.  A simple $10 one from Amazon will do.  You will want to maintain the humidity in your home to around 40.  35-45 is ideal.  If the humidity levels are higher, you may need a de-humidifier.  If they are low, you can do some simple things like keeping the bathroom door open when showering to allow moisture to flow throughout the house, or if you have wood heating, placing a cast iron pot on the top with water in it that steams out to raise the levels.  Or, you may need a humidifier.  Either way, buy one that automatically stops when the ideal levels are met.  That goes for the de-humidifier as well.

Too much moisture creates conducive conditions for insects, lung problems, mold, etc.  Too little takes it's own toll.  You will feel more comfortable when the humidity level is around 40.

Do these things to begin, so the water you drink each day tastes good and encourages you to drink more, preferably at room temperature.  Run the air filter 24 hours a day, and balance your humidity levels and you will walk into a comfortable home that smells and feels fresh, and at the same time is protecting your health, and allowing your body to begin it's detoxing process, which normally occurs as we start to decrease what it is having to do, as a response to the environment it's in.  These are seemingly small things, but have a huge impact.  See you next month.

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January 15, 2019

Dear Friends,

This year you will find great value here.  If you have been wanting to clean up your health, and specifically your home health, you will want to check back after the 15th of each month for different aspects that contribute to a healthy home.   I will post any relevant documents.

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January 15, 2019

Dear Friends,

I have launched a new community circle in the Mighty Networks at https://network-5643505.mn.co/groups/5645672/feed

The LifeStance by Design Circle brings together people seeking to experience a perfect pattern of health to explore new ideas and how to apply them so they can enhance their spiritual vitality, cultivate  their body wisdom, and foster radiant health and wholeness.

Each week we will explore a different concept shared in our Thought for the Week, our Open Studio, and prepare for the Open Session by answering the Weekly Challenge.

Sunday: Thought for the Week 8 am EST

Wednesday: LifeStance by Design Open Studio 8 pm EST

Friday: Weekly Challenge 8 am EST

This is a place to learn, apply, share, and discover a greater expression of yourself!  This year you will find great value there, learning about how our bodies work, and how to maximize our health.  If you have been wanting to optimize your health,  check back each week here for the title and content of the week's Open Studio discussion, and/or go to https://network-5643505.mn.co/groups/5645672/feed.   This week's topic is Meditation as the Key to Perfect Health.  The Zoom link is:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/2961990700

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January 15, 2019

Dear Friends,

This week  our topic will be about living in integrity and how living our own Truth effects our health, and how by not doing so places us out of alignment with ourselves.   In Martha Beck's book The Way of Integrity she says the body's reaction to recognizing Truth is relaxation and  that when our minds recognize Truth it reacts like pieces of a puzzle all finally fitting together and everything making logical sense.  It's like the feeling I got when I read Louise Hay's Heal Your Body book and saw the affirmations  that went with each particular dis ease.  It all made logical and  uncanny sense.

This quarter's theme is about what we choose to put in, on, or around us that affects our physical and spiritual health.  This month the theme is about the choices we make inside our selves and how it affects our health.  Last week we discussed meditation.  Next week is about being in integrity.  And the final week of the month will be about forgiveness.  Next month, we will be discussing the choices we make outside of our selves and how these affect our health.  The topics will include electromagnetic frequencies, genetically engineered foods, fabrics and out gassing, and water and air filtration.  September will be about what we put on ourselves that affects our health.

Come join us and share in the discussion! 

Friday: The Weekend Challenge posts at 8 am EST and gives you some things to do over the weekend to prepare for the upcoming Open Studio.

Sunday: The Thought for the Week posts at 8 am EST.

Wednesday: It's LifeStance by Design Open Studio 8 pm EST

Check back each week for the topic and the content information of the week's Open Studio discussion, and/or go to https://network-5643505.mn.co/groups/5645672/feed  to check us out. This week's topic is the Quality of Integrity for Health.  The Zoom link is:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/2961990700

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January 15, 2019

Happy New Year 2023!

Are you ready to rumble?

We are going to begin this year with a 9 day Challenge!  The first step to any endeavor is to create a place in your life for it.  If you set goals or intentions this year, then you have to make a place in your life for them.  One of the ways is to declutter your life....clean out the old to make way for the new!  

Please join me in this 9 day Challenge.  Each day, starting tomorrow, January 6th, my gift on 3 Kings Day, is to begin Day 1 of the 9 Day challenge and collect 27 things that I do not need, want or use.  That's it folks!  27 things a day for 9 days.  It creates an energy for change...like magic!

Like the woman who wrote that book on decluttering her home.....look around.  If you just have stuff you do not love, give it to someone who will love it.  Clean out the fridge and all your cabinets after this holiday season.  I bet you can fill up a bag with 27 things to get rid of.  How about those pants you will some day fit back into you have had in your drawer for years?  Old makeup, stuff you have not touched in years.  Get rid of it and create an opening for your change this year.  Remember, 27 things a day for 9 days.  If you miss a day, you have to start over or the energy changes.  Let's have some fun with this!

The Healthy Home Angel


Stay tuned to Cooking with the Healthy Home Angel on Sundays.  Details are coming!!!

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January 15, 2019


Jon Batiste - Freedom

Today's Day 2 "365 Science of Mind...A Year of Daily Wisdom from Ernest Holmes" read by Reverend Edward Viljoen was titled I am Conscious of the Currents of Life.

The first paragraph says:

When we say that our body is spiritual we are not denying our physical body. The physical is included within the spiritual. If the Spirit, or Divine Intelligence, has seen fit to give us a physical body it would be absurd to think of our body as an illusion unworthy of our attention. Rather, we should think of our body as a spiritual instrument, and every statement we make about our body, or belief we hold about it, that accepts spiritual Perfection as the substance of the body, tends to heal.

I welcome you to LifeStance by Design. It is a place where we explore and discover new ways, different ways, of aligning our lives for perfect health and wholeness. This year we will be exploring ideas about our body, about how we think, about what we believe, and about the spiritual principles that truly define us.

I invite you to join us, because when we truly know who we are and follow our own unique body wisdom, this thing called Life becomes fun, and we become free. So this year let's choose Freedom and have some fun!

Join me in our Mighty Network community: