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About Us and Our Founder

What is a life stance by design?

Two sources of definition help bring to light what a LifeStance by Design is.

First, Cambridge dictionary defines a stance as “a way of thinking about something, and a feeling or opinion about something or someone”. It is your attitude, your outlook, your frame of mind and how you think about something at a particular time.

Merriam-Webster defines life as “a principle or force that is considered to underlie the distinctive quality of animate beings” It is a way or manner of living of a vital living being. It also says it is a period of time from birth until death, an existence.

A life stance is your way of thinking about your life at any given time. The question for you is…is your life and manner of living vital and vibrant? Are you its creator? Or do you simply exist?

We often do what we know and what we’ve been taught to do, but do you ever sense there is more?

A LifeStance by Design is a life that has been designed by you and your inherent wisdom.

LifeStance by Design integrates science, ancient wisdom, and the use of creative thought for perfect health. The things we teach help to awaken your own body wisdom. No one else has the answers. No one else has the perfect diet for you, the perfect solution to your health challenges, or knows what you need to do to be happy, but you do!

We simply help you with the practical aspects of how to live your life more fully, by eliminating the issues that interfere or get in the way of vibrant health, so that your life becomes more clear and more health full, and then your own intuition will guide you to your own unique answers to the questions you have about how to live your life.

Why? Because we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. Our bodies merely house the incredible powerful beings we are. We are children of a Higher Power, of the Universe, of Nature, of Energy, of God, or of whatever you choose to call It, whose Divine inheritance is perfect health and wholeness. If we are not experiencing perfect health and wholeness, it is ours to discover and awaken our own innate ability to know, in order to realign our lives to experience our wholeness.

We start by learning simple things we might not know about in order to balance our body, our mind, and our Spirit, because when these three things are all balanced, we are delighted with life and we experience our real selves. None of the things we teach, does the healing. They merely serve to help awaken us to what we already are.

The point of power is always in the present moment. What we do and who we are today, in each and every moment, determines our future. So what will you be or do today?

Angel Rodriguez is a former professional athlete rated #1 in the World. Her interviews on coaching and training have been in local newspapers and magazines and she has also been seen in numerous television appearances. She holds a Masters degree in Sustainable Communities, a Bachelors degree in Holistic Nutrition, is a certified Nutrition Educator and Herbalist, a licensed Spiritual Practitioner with the Centers for Spiritual Living, and is founder of the Sustainable Living Institute. She is currently a PhD candidate with the University of Sedona studying Conscious-Centered Living.

Angel ascribes her passion for health, nutrition and fitness to her father, Elias Rodriguez who was a well-known competitive body builder and martial artist who held many titles including Mr. America. She began coaching as a young adult working with her father in their gyms teaching fitness and healthy lifestyle practices. It was during this time that she learned that health was determined not only through good nutrition and exercise, but also through many other factors, including what we are exposed to from the environment around us, especially in our homes, both mentally and physically.

Her focus and mission today due to rising toxicity levels in our environment, along with the associated rise in cancer rates and communicable disease, is on helping people and families optimize their health by strengthening their immune system through healthier lifestyle choices, minimizing toxicity in the home and designing a life stance that guides their way to health and wholeness through their own intuitive wisdom.